How To Reduce Your Heating Bills Without Repairing Or Replacing Your Existing Boiler

Boiler Servicing In Sutton Coldfield
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Your Safe And Certified Boiler Service

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Are you getting fed up with the rising cost of energy bills and wondering what you can do to take the pressure off? 

It’s time you booked reliable boiler servicing in Sutton Coldfield.

Paying bills is never nice, but what’s made worse is having to find the money when they just keep going up and up. 

In addition, when you don’t get your boiler service booked every year, it makes it more likely for your boiler to break down, or need replacement at some point - and boiler problems are stressful at the best of times.

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Save money and stress - here’s how

You might have asked yourself - is boiler servicing in Sutton Coldfield really necessary? After all, your boiler is working just fine, right?

But, what if we told you that getting a boiler service from a certified plumber could reduce your energy bills by making it more energy efficient? 

In addition, a regular boiler service, which is carried out by a trusted Gas Safe registered installer, removes the likelihood of the need for repair or replacement further down the line.

Boiler Servicing Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield’s best loved boiler servicing company- Let us take care of it for you!

Boiler Servicing In Sutton Coldfield By The Experts - Rated 9.91 Out Of 10 On Checkatrade!

With 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we’re proud of the great reputation we’ve built up in the local area. For this reason our customers keep coming back for their Sutton Coldfield boiler servicing.

See what some of them had to say about our experienced, reliable and professional service.

Satisfied Plumbing Customers
Satisfied Plumbing Customers

Can We Service Your boiler?

Decades of Sutton Coldfield boiler servicing experience means there’s not much we haven’t seen when it comes to boilers and we know just how to get them running at their best. Whatever make or model of boiler you have, ask us how we can save you money.

Fully Qualified And Experienced Sutton Coldfield Boiler Servicing Specialists Ready To Take Your Call

All of our team of boiler experts are experienced, qualified, friendly and reliable. In line with the highest safety protocols and government regulations, we’re also registered with all relevant industrial gas registration bodies, such as the Gas Safe Register, for your peace of mind.

Happy Heating Customers
Happy Heating Customers

What To Expect From Your Sutton Coldfield Boiler Service

The key to getting the very best energy efficiency from your boiler is not only to have it serviced regularly, but to ensure the person doing it is fully qualified. Here’s what to expect from a professional boiler service.


Make An Initial Enquiry

Your boiler servicing specialist should return your call quickly and be fully able to discuss your boiler service options in the most easy to understand way. You’ll also get an estimated price for the work.


Book A Time For Your Boiler Service

Once you have agreed on the boiler service, it’s time to book the next most convenient time to get it done. It’s important to us that the work we do is carried out at a time which suits our customers.


Reliable And On Time

You should expect your boiler servicing engineer to arrive at the time they say they will. Don’t ever allow yourself to be messed around. For added customer satisfaction, we always call the customer on the day, once the engineer is on their way


Professional Boiler Servicing By The Experts

If you’re looking to have your boiler running with the best possible energy efficiency, it’s vital to be sure your boiler is being serviced to the very highest standard. Choose experienced and qualified professionals for the job.


Boiler Servicing Payment

Once your Sutton Coldfield boiler service has been completed to your satisfaction, payment will be taken on the day via cash or card. In the 48 hours which follow your boiler service, we will then make a follow up contact to check you are happy.

Save Money On Your Bills Through A Sutton Coldfield Boiler Service

Remember, a boiler service, by its very nature, will enable your boiler to run more efficiently, meaning you’ll save money on the cost of your energy bills further down the line, not to mention reducing the risk of needing boiler repair or replacement any time soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a service?

We have different boiler service options based on boiler types and requirements, but, you can be sure there will be no hidden fees when we’re done. Everything is made clear and upfront for our customers at the start. Get in touch for an easy way to check prices and availability.

What do you include as part of a service?

We have a structured process for things we check and look at all aspects of your boiler, heating and sometimes general plumbing. For a full technical breakdown, check our pricing and availability now, we’re happy to answer your questions.

What types of boilers do you service?

In short we service almost all boilers and our team is experienced and skilled with all makes and models. Many large companies have junior engineers who just don’t have the experience - which means problems can be missed. Your boiler is safe in our experienced hands.

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